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Nov 21, 2023

If you're like us, food means family. It means love. It means comfort. 

It's in that spirit that we welcome legendary chef, television star, and author Jacques Pépin to the show the week of Thanksgiving. Pépin not only discusses his latest cookbook, Cooking My Way: Recipes and Techniques for Economical Cooking, but also the origins of his love of cooking and how anxious home chefs (read: Daniel Ford) can overcome their trepidation in the kitchen. 

As an added bonus, Daniel is joined by his mother Gail Ford, who discusses why she was drawn to Jacques Pépin's television presence and what cooking and baking has meant to her and her family for generations. 

We hope you all enjoy time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving and our heart goes out to those around the globe who are separated from or without their family members. In the words of President Jed Barlet on "The West Wing" television series: "Here's to absent friends. And the ones that are here now."

To learn more about Jacques Pépin, visit his official website. Also learn more about The Jacques Pépin Foundation.

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