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Nov 13, 2020

Bethanne Patrick, also known as The Book Maven, joins Daniel Ford on Friday Morning Coffee to chat about how her mother fostered her love of books, the ingredients for a good book review, and what future book reviewers should keep in mind when entering the trade.

Caitlin Malcuit discusses how you can celebrate Thanksgiving by supporting local food banks, homeless shelters, and support organizations. Special thanks to Mariame Kaba, as always, for making us aware of the #ThanksAll2020 #foodbankchallenge. Find your local food bank on Feeding America, donate, and enter your donation into Kaba's Food Bank Donation Tracker.

Caitlin also mentions the Holiday Challenge Fundraiser for the LTLC, organized by Lowell Spin to benefit the Lowell Transitional Living Center.

Caitlin, former "Jeopardy!" champion, closes out her intro by sharing her recollections of the late Alex Trebek.

To learn more about Bethanne Patrick, visit her official website, like her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Also read her work in The Washington Post and on LitHub.

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