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A podcast for the conversationalist. Aspiring writers, best-selling scribes, and award-winning screenwriters confront existential dread and writing angst! On our show, you can listen to your favorite authors, screenwriters, and storytellers, as well as learn about new rising stars.

Mar 25, 2022

OG Writer's Bone guest John Nardizzi joins Daniel Ford on Friday Morning Coffee to chat about his latest Ray Infantino novel The Burden of Innocence.

Caitlin Malcuit is off this week, so Daniel runs down a few topics such as the United States accepting 100,000 Ukrainian refugees (but only 75,000 Afghans not too long ago with more time to plan and execute a smooth withdrawal) and some stupid questions from Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings (“Do you agree with this book that is being taught with kids that babies are racist?”). 

To learn more about John Nardizzi, visit his official website and follow him on Twitter. The Burden of Innocence was featured in November/December 2021's "Books That Should Be On Your Radar." Listen to our first interview with the author in Episode 53!

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