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Raymond Benson, author of six James Bond novels and the Black Stiletto series, talks to Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy about spies and the Cold War, Jethro Tull, his writing process, and his eclectic career in the arts. Also, Writer's Bone contributor Stephanie Schaefer drops by to talk about her generation's lack of classy attire.

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Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire mystery series, talks to Writer's Bone about his writing process, the hit A&E show based on Walt, and why westerns have lasting appeal. 

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Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford talk about the worst jobs they ever had while dreaming about being writers.

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Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy spend a Friday night eating bacon jam and talking about why writers tend to have substance abuse problems.

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Charles Ardai, novelist and founder of Hard Case Crime, sits down with Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy to talk about his website, which hard-boiled detective he'd like to work with, and why up-and-coming writers shouldn't be afraid of rejection.

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In this episode of Writer's Bone, Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy discuss writers who influenced them early in life, what their writer processes are like, Super Bowl ads, and the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The guys also talk about food. A lot. 

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