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Charles Ardai, Writer’s Bone’s first podcast guest and founder of Hard Case Crime, returns to talk to Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy about hardboiled fiction, the history of irresistible book covers, how writers can stand out in today’s market, and what the future holds for Hard Case Crime.


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Following a discussion with Daniel Ford about mystery novels, how life experiences seep into a writer’s work, and the difference between artists and entertainers, Sean Tuohy talks to author Tyler Dilts about his widely popular Long Beach Homicide series.

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Ken Gloss, proprietor of Boston’s Brattle Book Shop, talks to Daniel Ford about the store’s long and colorful history, the rare book business, and the challenges of being a bookseller in the digital age. 

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Daniel Ford talks with fiction editor Dave Pezza about Writer’s Bone’s new original fiction series, and then sits down to talk with author Dimitry Elias Léger about their alma mater St. John’s, how Léger went about publishing God Loves Haiti, Ernest Hemingway, and how love transcends even the worst tragedies. 

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Daniel Ford and fiction editor Dave Pezza talk to Courtney Flynn, events coordinator and assistant book buyer at Trident Booksellers & Cafe, about the store’s history, the state of publishing and reading, popular menu items, upcoming author events, and the recently debuted “Tripod.”


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Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy discuss their writing processes and then best-selling author Tess Gerritsen talks to Sean about her writing career and why now is the best time ever to be a writer.


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Throw on a flowered shirt, put the top down on your convertible, and listen to Tim Dorsey talk to Sean Tuohy about his new book Shark Skin Suite and zany Florida “winter” stories.

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