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International best-selling science fiction author Steve Alten talks to Sean Tuohy about how an article about the Mariana Trench inspired him to write his first novel Meg, his writing and research processes, how he incorporates his fan base into his work, and what’s next for his career.

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Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford discuss dealing with rejection, why writers shouldn’t exclusively write for the market, the Korean War (no, seriously), how they develop story ideas, The Writers’ Room of Boston, and their favorite times to write.

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Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford talk about their fall reading lists, Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series, following an author or screenwriter’s career arc, and how their own writing careers have evolved in the past couple of years.

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Author Amy Stewart talks to Daniel Ford about her desire to be a writer at a young age, her love of the natural world, and the inspiration behind her debut novel, Girl Waits With Gun.

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