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Lynn Povich, pioneering journalist and author of The Good Girls Revolt, talks to Stephanie Schaefer and Daniel Ford about how she got into journalism and the vibe at Newsweek when she first started in the late 1960s. She also spoke about why she wrote The Good Girls Revolt when she did, how the Amazon show based on her book came about, what she thinks about the future of journalism, and how feminism has changed since she entered the workforce.

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Following an entertaining and passionate Q & A at the Harvard Coop, James Rollins, best-selling author of the Sigma Force series, talks to Sean Tuohy and Daniel Ford about adding to his writing toolkit, his research “box,” how his veterinary background influences his writing process, interacting with his readership, and what Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain are doing in his new book The Seventh Plague.

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Daniel Ford and Dave Pezza introduce #NovelClass, a new “Friday Morning Coffee” segment that features an in-depth discussion about a novel chosen by Writer’s Bone’s social media followers.

The first installment features Kevin Morris’ All Joe Knight, which was published December 2016 by Grove Press. (Be warned, this discussion contains spoilers.)

Three years ago, two guys met in a Boston bar and something groundbreaking happened. Across the street, at another bar, Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy created Writer's Bone.

The pair got together recently to reminisce about the podcast’s humble beginnings, champion their dedicated and passionate staff, and share what they have planned for Writer’s Bone in 2017.

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Ingrid Thoft, author of Loyalty, Brutality, and the recently published Duplicity, talks to Daniel Ford about her (decaffeinated) writing process, tackling “third-rail” issues, and what inspired her new novel.

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Sean Tuohy, after learning about an opera singer’s crazy regimented day-to-day life, talks to Daniel Ford about what sacrifices writers have to make for their craft. The pair also discusses how to strike a balance between writing schedules and real life, how lucky they are to have found supportive significant others, and how they plan to attack their writing goals in 2017. 

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Adeline Hotel (aka songwriter Dan Knishkowy) talks to Robert Masiello and Sean Tuohy about how he got into songwriting, the genesis of the Adeline Hotel project, writing and recording “It's Alright, Just The Same,” and what he’s got planned for his next album.

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In the first “Friday Morning Coffee” episode of 2017, Gary Almeter talks with David Galef, author of Brevity: A Flash Fiction Handbook, about various flash fiction formats, pithy sentence structure, and the art of “leaving stuff out to emphasize what remains.”

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