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Music and writing inspiration, y’all! Country music artist Kasey Lansdale returns to add sweet snark and creative mojo to your morning coffee. She talks to Sean Tuohy about life on tour, her performing process, funny album titles, and what she has planned next.

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Today’s guest is Pamela Samuels Young, award-winning author of Anybody’s Daughter, Every Reasonable Doubt, Murder on the Down Low, and the upcoming Abuse of Discretion.

Young talked to Daniel Ford recently about how a desire to see more minority characters in legal thrillers led her to storytelling, her early morning writing process, and her work as an anti-trafficking advocate.

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Lilly Goren, co-author of Mad Men and Politics and Women and the White House, talks to Daniel Ford about her path to academia and writing, her research process, and the connections between Mad Men,” pop culture, and politics.

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Live from Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Mass., authors Joshua Mohr and Josh Cook talk to Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy about their writing processes, which authors influence their work, and why working writers and readers need to “share the garlic.”

Joshua Mohr is the author of Sirens, a memoir about addiction, relapse, and recovery. Author Ron Currie says, “there is no line Mohr won't cross, either in his erstwhile quest for self-immolation, or his fearless honesty in reporting back from that time.”

Josh Cook is the author of An Exaggerated Murder, which Kirkus Reviews called, “a beautifully written postmodern novel of deduction.”

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Jennifer Thompson-Cannino, founder of Healing Justice and co-author of Picking Cotton, talks to Sean Tuohy about her relationship with Ronald Cotton, the origin story behind the book, and her efforts to help victims and survivors of wrongful convictions.

Elliot Ackerman, author of Green on Blue and the recently published Dark at the Crossing, talks to Dave Pezza about toggling between journalism and fiction, painting an honest and realistic portrait of the Middle East, developing characters who feel real, and why it takes guts to write.

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Dwayne Alexander Smith, Hollywood screenwriter and author of Forty Acres, talks to Daniel Ford about how “Star Wars” inspired him to become a filmmaker, why he decided to try his hand at writing fiction, how he developed the concept for his award-winning thriller, and why the magic is always in the details.

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In this special Sunday episode, Joshua Mohr, author of All This Life and his recently published memoir Sirens, talks to Sean Tuohy about what fueled his desire to tell his own story, the taboo on talking about relapse, and why he hopes Sirens will help people who want to “do better.” 

A friendly reminder that Writer’s Bone will be appearing with authors Joshua Mohr and Josh Cook at Porter Square Books on March 16 at 7 p.m. Come out and support badass authors, local bookstores, and humble podcasters! Visit our Facebook page for more details.

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John Garofolo, author of Dickey Chapelle Under Fire: Photographs by the First American Female War Correspondent Killed in Action, talks to Daniel Ford about what inspired him to explore and share Dickey Chapelle’s story, his research process, how he narrowed down the photographs for the book, and what we can learn about war and humanity through Chapelle’s photography.

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Alex George, author of the recently published Setting Free the Kites, talks to Daniel Ford about how being a voracious reader as a child led him to writing, how he developed his unforgettable characters in his new novel, and why stamina is essential for authors. 

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Screenwriter and filmmaker Ed Gass-Donnelly—whose credits include “Beautiful City,” “Small Town Murder Songs,” and the recently released “Lavender”—talks to Sean Tuohy about his directing style, how “Lavender” evolved from the page to the screen, and the future of filmmaking and viewership.

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Author and Writer’s Bone contributing editor David Joy talks to Daniel Ford about his accelerated writing process for his new novel The Weight of This World (out from Putnam today!), what he learned from the success of his debut Where All the Light Tends To Go, and why Appalachia is so misunderstood.

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In the second installment of #NovelClass, Dave Pezza and Daniel Ford discuss Edie Meidav's Crawl Space.

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Scott Frank, author of Shaker (which is now available in paperback) and screenwriter of "Logan," "Minority Report," and "Marley & Me," talks to Sean Tuohy about the joy of writing his novel and his varied screenwriting career.  

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Jason Rekulak, author of The Impossible Fortress, talks to Gary Almeter about where the idea for the book originated, how he used 1980s nostalgia to illuminate his characters’ personalities, and his admirably disciplined writing process.

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