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Sonya Chung, author of The Loved Ones and Long for This World, talks to Daniel Ford about her approach to storytelling, her love of nonfiction, how she develops her characters, and what inspired The Loved Ones.

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We named Julia Claiborne Johnson’s Be Frank With Me the “Best Book of 2016” earlier this week. The author stopped by “Friday Morning Coffee” to talk more about writing her debut novel, how hard it was to move on from her character Frank, and what she’s working on now. Johnson also tells a good story about John Glenn on the set of “Frasier!”

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Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy discuss their favorite books, movies, television shows, and short stories from 2016. The pair also chats about how they’ve progressed as writers during the past year and their writing goals for 2017.

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Jade Chang, author of The Wangs vs. the World, talks to Daniel Ford about what inspired her debut novel, her approach to character development, how she navigated the publishing process, and why aspiring authors need to be ambitious.

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Wally Lamb, best-selling author of She’s Come Undone, I Know This Much Is True, We Are Water, and the recently published I’ll Take You There, talks to Daniel Ford about how his family ignited his passion for storytelling, his pokey writing style, his partnership with Metabook, and what inspired I’ll Take You There.

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Daniel Ford, Adam Vitcavage, and Gary Almeter discuss Writer’s Bone’s book recommendations from the past two months. Authors include Jade Chang, Nick Mainieri, Zadie Smith, Tim Murphy, Sonya Chung, and more!

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