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Grant Blackwood, author of the Briggs Tanner series, co-author of the Fargo Adventure Series with Clive Cussler, co-author of the Tucker Wayne series with James Rollins, and co-author of Dead or Alive with Tom Clancy, talks to Sean Tuohy about his path to writing, his approach to Jack Ryan Jr. and the Tom Clancy universe in the recently published Duty and Honor, and why persistence is the key ingredient to being a successful writer.

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Faith Salie, Emmy-winning contributor to “CBS News Sunday,” a panelist on NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me,” host of PBS's, “Science Goes To The Movies,” and author of Approval Junkie, talks to Sean Tuohy about what inspired her to write a book, why she loved playing with an unlimited word count, and how becoming a mother changed her life.

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Today, we welcome two of founders of The Queens Bookshop Initiative, whose aim is to bring a second bookstore back to Queens, N.Y.

As of this recording, the group's Kickstarter campaign has raised close to $69,000 of its $70,000 goal with 28 hours to go. Time is running out, so if you haven't done so already, donate before you listen. And then donate more after you listen!

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J. Todd Scott, author of The Far Empty, talks to Daniel Ford about what inspired him to start writing, his path to publishing his debut novel, his music and bourbon recommendations, and his advice to other up-and-coming authors.

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Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock (available June 21), talks to Daniel Ford about coming late to the writing party, his scattershot writing process, and what it’s like to scare the hell out of Stephen King.

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Steve Hamilton, author of The Second Life of Nick Mason and the Alex McKnight series, talks to Sean Tuohy about leading a double life during his early writing career, how much research goes into his character development, and what’s next for Nick Mason.

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Before this week’s live podcast with Mr. Rory Flynn, Sean Tuohy talked to Daniel Ford about his short story “Born to Lose,” which was recently featured on Writer’s Bone’s "Authors Out Loud" series. Tuohy discusses what inspired the story and what’s next for beach bum detective Cohen.

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Today's episode features Mr. Rory Flynn, author of Third Rail and Dark Horse, which is available wherever books are sold starting today. Flynn talks about how much of himself ends up in his main character Eddy Harkness, the future of the series, and why he loves living in and writing about Boston.

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While most wild-eyed writers can barely find the on button to the coffeemaker at 5:30 a.m., today’s guest, author Bill Beverly, is hard at work crafting fiction.

Beverly also talked to Daniel Ford about his feline assistant and what inspired his debut novel Dodgers.

(Photo credit: Olive Beverly)

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